Get backto being you.
Get backto being you.
Get backto being you.

We know the most important part of your Physical Therapy is you!

You know your lifestyle and what you want out of life. The physical therapy clinic at Complete Care at Holiday Park helps you get there. We create custom physical therapy programs based on your goals, your time constraints and your current medical situation. You are never just a patient… you are part of our Complete Care family and that is how we treat each and every patient.

In addition to getting you better, our skilled Physical Therapists are trained to educate you on your current condition, your therapy plan and provide you with lifestyle modifications to help permanently keep the pain away.

At Complete Care at Holiday Park, we know just treating your symptoms will not permanently stop your pain. So over the last decade, we have refined our programs to treat the source of your pain, not just your symptoms. In doing this, we have achieved a permanent solution to most any diagnoses. Many of our patients had already tried regular physical therapy, chiropractic care, and other forms of treatment and had almost given up on a true recovery.

Our Unique TheraSource method of Physical Therapy was able to help these patients get back to their life. learn how

First-hand experience with the Complete Care difference
Complete Care at Holiday Park is someplace that if you’re having low back pain or if you’re having back pain, you want to come here first.
Marty Perlaky

The treatments have, for me, been lifesaving. There are so many alternatives that they have there, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.
Laura Curtis

After you leave here, you can go do everything, run, walk, jump. They are positive and funny and they make you feel right at home.
Rhonda Turner

What is holding you back from a pain-free life? Complete Care’s experienced staff is waiting to help, contact us today!

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